George Frideric Handel: Joshua

George Frideric Handel: Joshua

2 Cd - Anno di Pubblicazione: 2009 - Casa Discografica: SOMM - 748871224025 continua

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Joshua - Catherine Manley Joshua - Catherine Manley
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Joshua - Catherine Manley Joshua - Catherine Manley
Audio CD, Somm
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George Frideric Handel: Joshua

Caratteristiche tecniche

Titolo: George Frideric Handel: Joshua, Handel: Joshua (1748 orig vers)

Composer: George Frederick Handel (1685-1759), George Frideric Handel (1685 - 1759)

Main Performer: Adrian Butterfield; Adrian Butterfield (Violin); Alexandra Gibson; Allan Clayton; George Humphreys

Orchestra / Ensemble(s): London Handel Orchestra; London Handel Singers

Data di Uscita: 02/03/2009, 16/03/2009

Numero Dischi: 2

Durata: 1 hour 57 minutes

Genre(s): Vocal and Choral

Produttore: Siva Oke


Stereo: Stereo

EAN: 748871224025

Catalogue Number: 240

Work 1

Work Title: Joshua, oratorio, HWV 64

Excerpt(s): 1. Introduction in B flat major
2. Ye sons of Israel, ev'ry tribe attend
3. Behold, my friends, what vast rewards are giv'n
4. Oh first in wisdom, first in pow'r
5. For thee the virgins all their pray'rs employ/Matrons, and virgins, with unweary'd pray'r
6. Oh! Who can tell
7. Caleb, attend to all I now prescribe
8. To long posterity we here record
9. So long the memory shall last
10. While Kedron's brook to Jordan's stream,
11. But who is He? Tremendous to behold!
12. Awful, pleasing being, say
13. Joshua, I come commission'd from on high
14. Leader of Israel, 'tis the Lord's decree
15. To give command, perogative is thine
16. Haste, Israel, your glitt'ring arms prepare!
17. The Lord commands, and Joshua leads
18. In these blest scenes
19. 'Tis Achsah's voice! Who but that heav'nly fair
20. Hail, lovely virgin of this blissful bow'r, Arioso
21. Hark! 'tis the linnet and the thrush
22. Oh Achsah! form'd for ev'ry chaste delight
23. Our limpid streams with freedom flow
24. The trumpet calls
25. May all the host of heav'n attend him round!
26. 'Tis well' six times the Lord hath been obey'd
27. March in D major
28. Glory to God! The strong cemented walls
29. The walls are levell'd
30. See, the raging flames arise
31. To vanity ad earthly pride
32. Let all the seed of Abrah'm now prepare
33. Almighty ruler of the skies!
34. Joshua, the men, dispatch'd
35. How soon our tow'ring hopes are cross'd
36. Whence this dejection?

Composer: George Frederick Handel (1685-1759), George Frideric Handel (1685 - 1759)

Genere: Vocal and Choral

Date Written: 1747, 1748

Data di Registrazione: 2008

Direttore D┤Orchestra: Adrian Butterfield, Laurence Cummings

Orchestra / Coro: London Handel Orchestra

Orchestra / Coro: London Handel Singers

Main Performer: Adrian Butterfield, Adrian Butterfield (Violin), Alexandra Gibson, Allan Clayton, George Humphreys, Katherine Manley, Laurence Cummings (Harpsichord), Richard Rowntree

Attore/i: Adrian Butterfield, Adrian Butterfield, Alexandra Gibson, Allan Clayton, George Humphreys, Katherine Manley, Laurence Cummings, Richard Rowntree


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